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1.   The Original Sin of Adam closed Heaven for all men (sanctifying grace was lost) ... Hell became the only possible destination for the immortal souls of men.
2.   God re-opened Heaven by founding the Catholic Church and re-introducing sanctifying grace to men's souls ... the same grace which Adam and Eve had lost.

                          We are currently in the Great Apostasy (world-wide rejection of God's Catholic Dogma), these warnings apply:
3.   Warning 1:  A non-Catholic anti-Christ cult (the vatican-2 heretic cult) took over all Catholic properties on 8 Dec 1965 ("v-2 council" close date).        [Section 12, 13]
4.   Warning 2:  No one Ordained those that you think are Priests ... all Bishops of the "v-2 council" were automatically excommunicated on 8 Dec 1965.     [Section 13.2]
5.   Warning 3:  Your fake "priests" turned you into heretics ... the stage shows are not Mass ... participation in the vatican-2 heresy excommunicates.    [Section 13.2.2]
6.   Warning 4:  Top level view ... why there is not a single Catholic Bishop or Priest in the world. God's Catholic Church is devastatingly small in numbers. [Section 13.6]
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7.    One can still be Catholic and get to Heaven with a proper baptism in water [Section 7] ... believing the Dogmas ... and keeping free from mortal sin.    [Section 10.1]
8.    All grace, both actual and sanctifying grace, starts with God and comes into the world ... by way of the Blessed Virgin ... as Jesus Christ Himself did.  [Section 4, 4.4]
9a.  The Old Testament Israelite religion was the Catholic Faith unfulfilled ... the "judaism" fable started about 200 B.C.  Jesus Christ was not a jew.  [Section 39.1, 39.4]
9b.  The "koran" is wrong ... Mohammed was not a prophet ... "allah" does not exist.  The so called "allah god" makes countless errors in the "koran".        [Section 113]
10.  All baptized heretics are excommunicated from Christianity and headed for Hell ... with the world's pagans (those not properly baptized in water).     [Section 7.2, 8]

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Blessed Margaret Castello, 1287-1320 ... Patroness of the Unwanted

~         ~         ~

Blessed Margaret ... was born a hunchback, dwarf, blind, and lame with one leg shorter than the other. When she was 6, her proud noble parents made her a virtual prisoner in a small room which was attached to a Chapel, she could attend Mass and receive the Sacraments. After 14 years of living like this, her parents took her to a Shrine to pray for a cure. When no cure was forthcoming, they abandoned her.

She became a lay Dominican and spent the rest of her life in prayer and works of mercy. When she died at the age of 33, the towns people thronged to her funeral and demanded that she be buried in a tomb inside the church. The priest protested, but when a crippled girl was miraculously cured at the funeral, the people had their way. This is the story of Blessed Margaret, as taken from the earliest biography about her written in 1325 and then another written in 1335. An account told by those who knew her. Blessed Margaret's story is one of the most moving I have ever read. Her body is still incorrupt.


At the beginning of the thirteenth century, Pope Innocent III reorganized the Papal States from Rome to Ravenna. As Massa Trabaria lay in the centre of the States, its military security became a matter of vital importance. For this reason the Pope raised the province to the dignity of a commonwealth, and ordered it to be strongly fortified.

The success of Massa Trabaria in resisting for more than two centuries the invasions of powerful neighbors was largely due to its fortifications, the war like spirit of the mountaineers, and the wild rough nature of the terrain.

Perched on the lofty crest of this mountain like a watchful eagle, and standing out boldly against the blue Italian sky, was a strong fortress, the castle of Metola. The frequent failed attempts by neighboring republics to capture the castle of Metola attests to its strategic importance. One of these efforts, made by the republic of Gubbio at the middle of the 13th century, was successful through treachery, and possession of the fort remained in their hands for nearly a quarter of a century.

The State Council of Massa Trabaria, on the death of their aged Captain of the People, selected his son, a young officer named Parisio, as his successor. The new commander proved himself to be a fearless and capable soldier. One of his first acts was too lead his army up the heights of Metola and lay siege to the fortress.

Such was Parisio's military genius that he successfully stormed the fortress. The regaining of this stronghold, which was in the heart of the southern half of Massa Trabaria, made Parisio a national hero. Besides being politically important, Parisio was also a wealthy man. In addition to his family inheritance, and his salary as one of the highest officials of the land, he became after his victory at Metola, the castellan of a powerful fortress, where he enjoyed the revenues of a large and valuable seigniory.

Parisio was apparently endowed with few virtues. He was monstrously proud, unscrupulous, and indifferent to the sufferings of others. He was merciless towards anyone who stood in his way. Wholly selfish and engrossed in himself, he was not capable of genuine affection towards anyone, except insofar as that individual might be of some value to him. He did not believe that God - if there were a God - took any interest whatever in human beings and their actions.

After examining her life, the biographer can find only two praiseworthy things to say about her: she had her child baptized and she occasionally visited her. Such were the characters of the castellan Parisio and his wife Emilia. Undoubtedly, had this couple died childless, their very existence would have long since been forgotten by mankind, as it has forgotten the existence of thousands of other lords and ladies. But in the beginning of the year 1287 it had become common knowledge in and about the castle of Metola that before the end of the year Lady Emilia would give birth to a child. At the prospect of having a son to perpetuate his name Parisio was overjoyed. So important an event had to be celebrated in a becoming manner.

Concerning the banquet in honour of their first born, the elderly friends, would have quite a hard time climbing the mountain (to the castle), and there were not enough guest rooms for everybody. So two banquets were planned: one at the castle, for the garrison and the serfs; then a few weeks later, at their house in Mercatello, they would have an elaborate banquet for all our friends. Not only were all the important people of Massa Trabaria to be invited but even a number of dignitaries from neighboring states. Parisio's order was to prepare the best feast ever given in Massa Trabaria.

For the serfs it was with much hope that, day after day, they paused in their task of felling trees in the heart of the forest and listened for the great bell of the castle to peal forth its joyous message to the countryside, for the birth of an heir meant an abundance of good food for several days.

But the day on which the child was born, the castle bell remained silent; no flag fluttered proudly from the high tower; no horse thundered across the drawbridge to proclaim the news. There was no banquet, no entertainment, no largesse. That night, instead of a castle ablaze with lights and resounding with noisy festivities, all was darkness and silence as Parisio and the Lady Emilia were in (unrighteous) despair ... God did not form this child as He forms most people.

~ ~ ~ ~

Blessed Margaret died on April 13, 1320 at the age of 33. More than 200 miracles have been credited to her intercession after her death.

She was beatified in 1609. Thus the daughter that nobody wanted is one of the glories of the Church.

~ ~ ~ ~

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