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It is 100% certain you're headed for Hell  ...   for rejecting the Catholic Dogma  ...   Warning: There are no bishops or priests in these times
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1.   The Original Sin of Adam closed Heaven for all men (sanctifying grace was lost) ... Hell became the only possible destination for the immortal souls of men.
2.   God re-opened Heaven by founding the Catholic Church and re-introducing sanctifying grace to men's souls ... the same grace which Adam and Eve had lost.

                          We are currently in the Great Apostasy (world-wide rejection of God's Catholic Dogma), these warnings apply:
3.   Warning 1:  A non-Catholic anti-Christ cult (the vatican-2 heretic cult) took over all Catholic properties on 8 Dec 1965 ("v-2 council" close date).        [Section 12, 13]
4.   Warning 2:  No one Ordained those that you think are Priests ... all Bishops of the "v-2 council" were automatically excommunicated on 8 Dec 1965.     [Section 13.2]
5.   Warning 3:  Your fake "priests" turned you into heretics ... the stage shows are not Mass ... participation in the vatican-2 heresy excommunicates.    [Section 13.2.2]
6.   Warning 4:  Top level view ... why there is not a single Catholic Bishop or Priest in the world. God's Catholic Church is devastatingly small in numbers. [Section 13.6]
                          All vatican-2-ists:  You are excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  You must Abjure your heresy.  * * Click * * >  Section 40

7.    One can still be Catholic and get to Heaven with a proper baptism in water [Section 7] ... believing the Dogmas ... and keeping free from mortal sin.    [Section 10.1]
8.    All grace, both actual and sanctifying grace, starts with God and comes into the world ... by way of the Blessed Virgin ... as Jesus Christ Himself did.  [Section 4, 4.4]
9a.  The Old Testament Israelite religion was the Catholic Faith unfulfilled ... the "judaism" fable started about 200 B.C.  Jesus Christ was not a jew.  [Section 39.1, 39.4]
9b.  The "koran" is wrong ... Mohammed was not a prophet ... "allah" does not exist.  The so called "allah god" makes countless errors in the "koran".        [Section 113]
10.  All baptized heretics are excommunicated from Christianity and headed for Hell ... with the world's pagans (those not properly baptized in water).     [Section 7.2, 8]

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Romans 2:13  >  "For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified."

James 2:20  >  "Know ... that faith without works is dead."       (Section 28 lists ... over 50 scriptures on works)
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Scriptures on: God's Punishments on Men's Souls (the confounding of souls) - Part I

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 52:6
"For God hath scattered the bones of them that please men: they have been confounded, because God hath despised them."
Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Deuteronomy 28:28-29
"The Lord strike thee with madness and blindness and fury of mind. And mayst thou grope at midday as
the blind is wont to grope in the dark, and not make straight thy ways."
Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Proverbs 13:5 >
"The just shall hate a lying word: but the wicked confoundeth, and shall be confounded."

~     ~     ~


1.  The worst part of one's soul being placed under a curse by God such as ... on heretics ("vatican-2", "lutheran", "methodist", "baptist", etc.) or on the un-baptized pagans ("jews", "mohammednas", "buddhists", "hindus", etc.) ... is that you don't realize you are under a curse for rejecting the Catholic Truth, which comes to us from Heaven.

2.  Identical to souls being confounded for sins against the Catholic Faith, souls are confounded and placed under curses of various degrees for sins against the body. The curse may be such that one cannot imagine breaking out of a particular sin. This situation, where breaking out of a particular sin may seem as impossible as scaling a 50 foot wall, is just like escaping a snare or physical trap. Unfortunately, sacramental confession is not available to us at this time since our Catholic buildings have been taken over by the non-Catholic Vatican-2 cult. Going to "confession" outside of the Catholic Church is pointless since there is no remission of sins outside of the Catholic Church. See Section 10.2 for the Catholic teaching on what we are to do when sacramental confession is not available.

Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, 18 Nov 1302 -- Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
"With Faith urging us we are forced to believe and to hold the one, holy, Catholic Church and that, apostolic, and we firmly believe and simply confess this Church outside of which there is no salvation nor remission of sin, the Spouse in the Canticle proclaiming: 'One is my dove, my perfect one'."

Note: The vatican-2 heretic cult founded in 1965 at the Vatican is not the Catholic Church, so there is no remission of sin in the vatican-2 cult.

3.  In these times we ask God directly to forgive us our sins and ask from the Blessed Virgin the grace of perfect contrition (being sorry for your sins because they offend God) and the grace of repentance (to stop sinning). Ask the Blessed Virgin Maria to release your immortal soul from the sin that it is trapped in, as you would ask to be released from a snare or any physical trap. Pray the 15 decades of the Rosary (see Section 4.1 of this website) while asking for the above graces, eventually, while maintaining a purpose of amendment you will be released from the sin. The Blessed Virgin is the Mediatrix of all grace (which originates with God). Jesus Christ (grace Himself) came into the world by the Blessed Virgin and since God never changes, all grace follows this same path through the Ever Sinless Virgin.

4.  Again, please see Section 10.2 of this site for the Catholic Church's teaching on what we are to do when sacramental confession is not available such as has been the case since 8 December 1965.

Scriptures on curses on souls ...

~     ~     ~

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 13:5 >
"The just shall hate a lying word: but the wicked confoundeth, and shall be confounded."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 118:80 >
"Let my heart be undefiled in thy justifications, that I may not be confounded."

Note: The justification of souls in the sight of the Catholic God is water baptism and believing the Catholic Dogma.

Catholic writing of Romans 1:18 >
"For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and injustice of those men that detain the truth of God in injustice."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Ecclesiasticus 24:30 >
"He that hearkeneth to me, shall not be confounded: and they that work by me, shall not sin."

Note: He that hearkeneth to the Blessed Virgin, the Mediatrix of all Grace, shall not be confounded. Chapter 24 of Ecclesiasticus is about the Blessed Virgin being Mediatrix of all grace that comes into the world ... must see in the only authentic Bible in English ... the Douay-Rheims Bible (DRB).

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Jeremias 48:10 >
"Cursed be he that doth the work of the Lord deceitfully."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Job 40:7 >
"Look on all that are proud, and confound them, and crush the wicked in their place."

Note: The definition of pride is rejecting the Dogmas and Sources of Dogma of the Catholic Faith because you are rejecting the revealed truths of God. The Dogma is listed on Section 3 of this site with Sources of Dogma throughout the site.

Council of Trent, Sixth Session, Canons on Justification, Canon 10 >
"If any one saith, that men are just without the justice of Christ, whereby He merited for us to be justified; or that it is by that justice itself that they are formally just; let him be anathema. "

Note 1: The word anathema means cursed. Notice that the curse is part of this Canon. This and other Council Canons are infallible Sources of Dogma, they must be believed or you cannot get to Heaven. Since the curse is part of the Canon that means that the curse is infallibly applied to the souls that reject the Canon.

Note 2: Reaching the state of justification requires water baptism. See Section 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 7.5 of this website.

Catholic writing of Apocalypse 22:3 >
"And there shall be no curse any more; but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him."

Note: The book of the Apocalypse is about the fulfillment of the New Testament. God is stating here that curses will have come to an end at this point.

Catholic writing of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 >
"And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity."

Note 1: "God shall send"... That is God shall suffer them to be deceived by lying wonders, and false miracles, in punishment of their not having the love of truth.

Note 2: The punishment of being in heretic meeting halls is that God sends your soul a curse ... the curse that you believe the lying heresies.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 39:13 >
"My iniquities have overtaken me, and I was not able to see."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Jeremias 3:25 >
"We shall sleep in our confusion, and our shame shall cover us, because we have sinned against the Lord our God, we and our fathers from our youth even to this day, and we have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord our God."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Jeremias 8:9 >
"The wise men are confounded, they are dismayed, and taken: for they have cast away the word of the Lord, and there is no wisdom in them."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Ecclesiasticus 25:35 >
"If she walk not at thy hand, she will confound thee in the sight of thy enemies."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 21:6 >
"They cried to Thee, and they were saved: they trusted in Thee, and were not confounded."

Note: If you make a free will decision to trust in God, and believe the Catholic faith, you will not be confounded.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 30:2 >
"In Thee, O Lord, have I hoped, let me never be confounded: deliver me in Thy justice."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 30:18 >
"Let me not be confounded, O Lord, for I have called upon thee. Let the wicked be ashamed, and be brought down to Hell."

Note 1: Grievous sins (mortal sins) such as theft, adultry, fornication, murder will prompt God to drop your soul into a confounded state. This results in you not being able to break the snare of that sin, until it please the Blessed Virgin to release you ... if it be her will that you be released. All sin causes a darkening of the soul.

Note 2: If you are lying and saying that heretics ("lutherans", "baptists", "vatican-2-ists", "evangelicals", ect.) and un-baptized pagans ("jews", mohammedans", "buddhists", "hindus", etc.) might be getting to Heaven (they're not) ... God may curse your soul so that you cannot stop lying. You may be released from this sin and curse ... if you repent and stop lying.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 34:4 >
"Let them be confounded and ashamed that seek after my soul. Let them be turned back and be confounded that devise against me."

Note: If you are lying about salvation, saying that non-Catholics might be getting to Heaven (which they are not) then you are "seeking after other souls" (for damnation). God through Catholic King Saint David states that He (God) will confound you for this crime.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 39:15 >
"Let them be confounded and ashamed together, that seek after my soul to take it away. Let them be turned backward and be ashamed that desire evils to me."

Note 1: God brings souls to a confounded state for lying about salvation to others (i.e. making non-Catholics think they are getting to Heaven).

Note 2: Being "turned backward" would be God allowing one to fall into worse and worse levels of sin for working against the souls of others.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Job 19:3 >
"Behold, these ten times You confound me, and are not ashamed to oppress me."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 69:3 >
"Let them be confounded and ashamed that seek my soul."

Note: Heretics, by "teaching" falsely which works for the damnation of souls, are confounded by God.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 70:13 >
"Let them be confounded and come to nothing that detract my soul; let them be covered with confusion and shame that seek my hurt."

Note 1: Causing damage to souls (see Section 38 this web site) by contributing to other's sins ... causes God to confound your own soul as a punishment.

Note 2: I have personally seen Catholics who at one point told the truth about salvation, start to attack the salvation dogma (that only Catholics are saved) and have seen them fall into tremendous confusion because of doing this. We can hope that God through the Blessed Virgin will release them so that they will start to speak the truth again.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 70:24 >
"When they shall be confounded and put to shame that seek evils to me."

Catholic writing of 1 Corinthians 1:27 >
"But the foolish things of the world hath God chosen, that He may confound the wise; and the weak things of the world hath God chosen, that He may confound the strong."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of 1 Esdras 9:6 >
"And said: My God I am confounded and ashamed to lift up my face to Thee: for our iniquities are multiplied over our heads, and our sins are grown up even unto Heaven."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 24:3 >
"Neither let my enemies laugh at me: for none of them that wait on Thee shall be confounded."

Note: "Waiting on Thee" is waiting on God. God is the Catholic God, the Holy Trinity.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 33:6 >
"Come ye to Him and be enlightened: and your faces shall not be confounded."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 82:18 >
"Let them be ashamed and troubled forever and ever: and let them be confounded and perish."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 96:7 >
"Let them be all confounded that adore graven things, and that glory in their idols. Adore Him, all you His Angels."

Note: Heretics, you are in a confounded state because your fake "Jesus Christs" are not God, they are idols with the name of "Jesus Christ". Only the Catholic Jesus Christ is God.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 108:28 >
"They will curse and thou will bless: let them that rise up against me be confounded: but Thy servant shall rejoice."

Note: Rising up against God is rising up against the Dogmas and Sources of Dogma of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 118:6 >
"Then shall I not be confounded, when I shall look into all Thy commandments."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 126:5 >
"Blessed is the man that hath filled the desire with them; he shall not be confounded when he shall speak to his enemies in the gate."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalm 128:5 >
"Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Sion."

Note: Those who hate Sion, the Catholic Church are confounded by God. The Kingdom of David across all nations is the Catholic Church, even though the Church has lost its buildings and clergy in these times.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Ecclesiasticus 2:11 >
"My children behold the generations of men: and know ye that no one hath hoped in the Lord, and hath been confounded."

Note: The Lord is the Catholic Jesus Christ.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Ecclesiasticus 5:14 >
"If thou have understanding, answer thy neighbour: but if not, let thy hand be upon thy mouth, lest thou be surprised in an unskillful word, and be confounded."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Ecclesiasticus 51:24 >
"For I have determined to follow her: I have had a zeal for good, and shall not be confounded."

Note: If you are a heretic, you do not have "a zeal for good" because you are in sin against the First Commandment. You are placing your false man-made heretic "Jesus Christs" before God ... the Catholic Jesus Christ.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Isaias 41:11 >
"Behold all that fight against Thee shall be confounded and ashamed, they shall be as nothing, and the men shall perish that strive against Thee."

Note: Those fighting against the Catholic Church shall be confounded. When St. Paul had been persecuting the Church, Jesus said to him, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" (Acts 9:4)  Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church are One.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Isaias 45:16 >
"They are all confounded and ashamed: the forgers of errors are gone together into confusion."

Note 1: Those who spread heresy are all confounded by God.

Note 2: Gender liars are confounded by the Catholic God.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Isaias 45:25 >
"Therefore shall he say: In the Lord are my justices and empire: they shall come to Him, and all that resist Him shall be confounded."

Note 1: Those who are resisting the Lord are: heretics ("lutherans", "baptists", "vatican-2-ists", "evangelicals", ect.) and un-baptized pagans ("jews", mohammedans", "buddhists", "hindus", etc.). The Lord states that He will confound their souls regarding the eternal truths.

Note 2: Gender liars are confounded by the Catholic God.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Isaias 50:7 >
"The Lord God is my helper, therefore am I not confounded: therefore have I set my face as a most hard rock, and I know that I shall not be confounded."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Psalms 118:21 >
"Thou hast rebuked the proud: they are cursed who decline from Thy commandments."

Note: They are cursed who refuse the Lord's Commandments, the Dogmas and Sources of Dogma of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Ecclesiasticus 33:12 >
"Some of them hath He blessed, and exalted: and some of them hath He sanctified, and set near himself: and some of them hath He cursed and brought low, and turned them from their station."

Note: Gender liars are cursed by the Catholic God.

Catholic writing of Matthew 25:41 >
"Then He shall say to them also that shall be on His left hand: Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels."

Note: Heretics are on the left hand of the Lord, for heresy, which is a sin against the First Commandment.

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